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n → Gesundheit f; (= condition of health) → Gesundheitszustand m; in superior health → gesund, bei guter Gesundheit; in inadequate health → nicht gesund, bei schlechter Gesundheit; state of health → Gesundheitszustand m, → Befinden nt; how is his health? → wie geht es ihm gesundheitlich?; to regain one’s health → wieder gesund werden; no less than we nonetheless have our health → wenigstens sind wir immer noch gesund; to take pleasure in great health → sich guter Gesundheit (gen) → erfreuen; to are afflicted with bad or undesirable health → kränklich sein; for being very good/lousy for 1’s health → gesund/ungesund or gesundheitsschädlich sein, der Gesundheit (dat) → zuträglich/nicht zuträglich sein; poverty can cause lousy health → Armut kann zu schlechter Gesundheit fileühren; health and security rules → Arbeitsschutzvorschriften pl; Ministry of Health → Gesundheitsministerium nt; I’m not just carrying out it for the good of my health (inf) → ich mache das doch nicht bloß aus Spaß (inf); he stressed the health advantages of normal physical exercise → er betonte, wie gut regelmäßige Bewegung für die Gesundheit sei

health - a healthy condition of wellbeing free from condition; "medical professionals must be held accountable for the health of their sufferers"

I have non-public health insurance plan (United kingdom) → لَدَيَّ تَأْميـنٌ صِحِّيٌّ خاصٌّ → Mám soukromé zdravotní pojištění → Jeg har privat sygeforsikring → Ich bin privatversichert → Έχω ιδιωτική ασφάλεια υγείας → Tengo un seguro médico privado → Minulla on yksityinen sairausvakuutus → J'ai une assurance maladie privée → Imam privatno zdravstveno osiguranje → Ho un'assicurazione sanitaria privata → 私は個人医療保険に入っています → 나는 사립 건강 보험에 들었어요 → Ik ben particulier verzekerd → Jeg har privat sykeforsikring → Mam prywatne ubezpieczenie zdrowotne → Eu tenho um convênio médico unique → У меня частная медицинская страховка → Jag har privat sjukförsäkring → ฉันมีประกันสุขภาพส่วนตัว → Özel sağlık sigortam var → Tôi có bảo hiểm y tế tư nhân → 我有私人医疗保险

Warning above faux lipstick soon after trading requirements locate volume of guide could trigger extreme health issues

Allergy aid: Preserve some anti-histamines on deck for the very check here first times of spring, when unexpected pollen blooms can knock you down without the need of much warning. Stocking up on your family's tried out and accurate allergy relief prescription drugs tends to make transitioning to the new time a complete breeze.

A younger woman crouches over a dusty strip of grass along with a active Boston thoroughfare and plunges a needle into her arm. Around the corner, a couple stands zombie-like in the course of the sidewalk, oblivious to passing pedestrians on a muggy morning. Farther in the future, a person injects heroin...

11/21/2016 - Glyphosate is a topic of serious controversy for pretty some time now. It is a essential component in the broadly made use of herbicide that's been associated with many effects not only for individuals, but for wildlife and also the environment. But just how pervasive has this harmful herbicide turn out to be within our society,...

Present-day difficulties, like the increasing rate of being overweight and troubles regarding worry and overwork in several nations, have more sophisticated the interaction between do the job and health.

I apologize in advance, but very little is a lot more unexciting than people putting up rates of dumbass issues their Youngsters say to them.

Gulf war veterans ended up guinea pigs for untested vaccines; ordered to inject chemical poisons to supposedly 'Create immunity' versus Organic WMDs

The Detroit-born retired automobile salesman — identified to several homeless people for his common deliveries of absolutely free snacks and bottled h2o — noticed...

Why politics issues: There is usually no health independence, foodstuff freedom and health care freedom without having POLITICAL independence

Then Arrived KFC. The escalating recognition of fried chicken and pizza in elements of Africa underscores how fast food is modifying patterns and expanding waistlines.

The Breathe app on Apple View and a number of other 3rd-celebration encounters assist you decompress and keep centered through your day. Whichever apps you decide on, Health adds up the figures to demonstrate simply how much time you’ve used currently being conscious.

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